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What do our 
Clients Say?

What do our Enterprise Clients Say?

The team from Informanix has fulfilled the role of trusted advisor at Price Industries for several years now. Our respect of their capabilities started with the assistance provided in remediating a ransomware attack we suffered, working side by side in helping us through this stressful time. Since then they have been instrumental to the upgrade we’ve required of our IT infrastructure, adding necessary cyber security measures and developing an extensible environment that is positioning us well for the growth our business. We’ve also benefited from learnings gained through direct experience with their customer-oriented approach, and applying these lessons to our IT organization as we’ve evolved our own service-oriented culture.

What do our 
Managed Services 
Clients Say?

What do our Managed Services Clients Say?

We have worked with Informanix since early 2017 and they have transformed our piecemeal non-profit network into something that actually works! The training is ongoing and helpful and they never make you feel like an idiot for not knowing how to do something. Their team works well with all out staff and responds amazingly quickly to questions. I could have never believed that a computer network could run so smoothly. They are worth every penny, and that is saying a lot from a non-profit!

When it was time to outsource our IT department, we interviewed many technology firms. It was critical to have an iT firm that would be able to get back to us very quickly, as our operations cannot function without phones, internet, or our systems. Informanix was the only firm up for the challenge in offering a tight turnaround time. Two years later, we couldn’t be happier. Sometimes we wonder how they can fix our issues so fast!

Having a great IT team behind you is just like having a well maintained car. It starts when you need it to, it’s reliable, and cost effective to maintain. Nothing is worse than being stranded with a weak support team that takes too long to help. Informanix has the knowledge, the products and incredibly quick support you need. You get the added value of security for your systems which gives you peace of mind. That’s why I use Informanix.

Marco Palumbo Owner Maxim Muffler & Auto

Over the past few years, we have nearly doubled our staff, and completely changed the way we operate as a business. Informanix helped us implement a brand new ERP. When we moved, they made sure our technology was up and running. When we added 2 additional branch offices, they were right there to get us up and running. They have helped us with the things happening right now, what could happen a year from now, and planning for 5 years down the road. I recommend them without hesitation and I look forward to them being with us for many years to come.

In 2018 we realized our IT situation had become too much for the people we had been using. Not knowing where to turn, I called a business friend and they recommended Informanix. I called them and we immediately set up a meeting. Within one week we had a total fix in place and have never looked back. The level of service, knowledge and quick response has been terrific. I would recommend them with out hesitation.