Informanix Capital


Alternative Finance Solutions

Informanix Capital is our leasing and alternate financial services division. Available to existing Informanix customers, Informanix Capital is a hassle-free way to finance and lease the equipment you need to build, modernize or grow your IT infrastructure — without any heavy upfront equipment costs and capital expenditures.

There are good reasons to turn to Informanix Capital to lease your IT infrastructure. We already know your IT needs inside and out, and have our fingertips on the pulse of the technologies and trends that will help you achieve your goals.

From servers and telephones to software and computer terminals, technology never stops evolving. A leasing arrangement makes it easy for you to keep ahead of obsolescence while streamlining your investment in hardware and software. Whether you need equipment on a short- or long-term basis, we can help you find the perfect balance between your technology needs and financial realities — every step of the way along your business’s IT journey.

A simple solution, a no-fuss application… We’re here to make IT leasing easy.

Talk to us about your IT financing needs today! We work strictly with customers of Informanix Technology Group – so your existing credit profile is used to ensure a fast approval for the capital solution you need.